Worth the Splurge: Shiseido Facial Cottons

I've never been one to buy pricey facial cottons. Actually, I can confidently say that in all my makeup wearing days, I never have been particularly good about makeup removal. Sleeping in a smokey eye was a bit of a common occurrence for a while there. (Cringe) 

This year, I really tried to focus on makeup removal and a consistent nightly cleansing routine. I was really unhappy with my cotton pads from Ulta, as they were actually scratchy and eye makeup removal was a bit unpleasant! 

So, I finally decided I needed some decent cotton pads, and while I thought I was crazy for considering cotton pads that cost $9.50, I needed something that actually felt good and not irritating on my skin. My friend Gummy loves the Shiseido Facial Cottons, so I took the plunge and purchased these during the Sephora VIB sale in April. 

shiseido facial cotton review

The pads themselves are pretty large, and also very soft. Sometimes, I peel them apart in an effort to save them. You can safely peel them into two, maybe three pieces, but really, they are so luxurious unpeeled that it makes makeup removal a pleasant experience. Just what I needed! 

I'm glad I bought these, and I'm definitely sticking with them. I may just have to wait for a sale, so I don't feel quite as crazy for spending $10 on 165 cotton pads, but hey, there are worse/less important things I could spend $10 on, right? 

What do you use to remove your makeup? Have you experienced scratchy cotton pads like I did? I'd love to know! :)