6 Days With Lush Emotional Brilliance

*Press Samples*

A few weeks ago, Lush contacted me to feature Emotional Brilliance. I was excited, as I had only tried a few products from their makeup line before. 

First up, I went to the store to experience an Emotional Brilliance reading. I had never taken the time to do this in store before, but I think it is a bit fun to do even if it isn't normally your style. (It definitely is not mine, as I generally want to experience a product without frills or just be left alone, ha! Well, except at Lush and Space NK, I could chat all day!)

lush emotional brilliance reading

Back to the color reading! I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, I chose three shades that really stood out to me. The first signifies your strength or weakness, the second your subconscious, and the last your aspirations. So, take a look at my color reading selections! You can also do your own color reading in store, or online

My Strength Or Weakness: Passionate*
I seriously love this GORGEOUS fuchsia pink. It is a very long wearing lip color that I nearly have to exfoliate to remove. I love the color and feel super confident wearing it! Do I feel passionate? I sure do, and it totally is a strengthanda weakness! (Those of you who get excited about certain projects or plans will know what I mean!) 

My Subconscious: Calm*
I was immediately drawn to this pretty pale blue. If you've been hanging around the blog lately, you'll notice I've had a thing for blues. Even when I went into Lush, my nail polish AND shirt nearly matched this shade. Anyway, this selection is pretty fitting as I am pretty overly calm and composed most of the time, haha! I find this color to be super summery, and on my skin tone it becomes a pretty shade of turquoise.  Love it!

My Aspiration: Motivation*
Motivation is always my aspiration, isn't it funny how that turned out? I was surprised how much I like this gorgeous dark teal blue shade. It looks almost neutral, and yet it isn't, and that is just the type of liner that I love. Now if only it could give me that extra kick of motivation I'm always looking for…!

I was able to choose 3 additional shades, and this time around I chose colors I knew I would wear. 

lush emotional brilliance review, lush passionate review, lush calm review, lush motivation review, lush sophisticated review, lush quietly motivated review, lush decisive review

This eyeshadow just adds polish and sophistication. It is a great rosy taupe and makes for an amazing every day color. This shade is definitely a unique addition to my collection, and I know that I'll be using this tons. 

Quietly Motivated*
Another eyeliner… It seems that I have a thing for eyeliners! This one is a pretty light brown with sparkle and dimension, and even blends out to a pretty eyeshadow color. 

I was not having a decisive day when I first wore this amazing magenta-red. I totally love the color, but it requires a bit of blotting and careful application to keep it looking perfect. Once you've done that though, this color wears beautifully! 

[Top to Bottom] Passionate Lipstick, Calm Eyeliner, Motivation Eyeliner, Sophisticated Eyeshadow, Quietly Motivated Eyeliner, Decisive Lipstick 

lush emotional brilliance swatches, lush passionate swatch, lush calm swatch, lush motivation swatch, lush sophisticated swatch, lush quietly motivated swatch, lush decisive swatch

The eyeliner applicator is a bit hard to use, but I chalk that up to my lack of skills with liquid liner in general. I imagine those of you with skills will be used to it quite quickly. Also, these lipsticks are reasonably comfortable. I say reasonably because my lips are quite dry and flaky, and after wearing one of these shades all day I definitely need a bit of hydration. However, I imagine both of these points may not apply to many of you! :)   

All in all, I quite like the Lush Emotional Brilliance lineup. I loved Charisma Skin Tint, am having a go at the Feeling Younger Skin Tint*, and have enjoyed the lip/eye offerings I've tried before. Watch the video to hear about these shades and see them swatched on camera! 

What do you think of Lush Emotional Brilliance? Have you had a color reading before? Are any of these shades calling to you? :)