Smooth Your Skin for Summer with Lush Ocean Salt!

A while back, Lush sent me their lovely Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub which is a lovely combination of salt and citrus. You know I am a citrus fiend, so this was quite exciting!

lush ocean salt review

I love the way this product looks. It is so BLUE and happy! I'm also a huge fan of light clean scent with just a hint of citrus! For me, mixing this in my hands with a citrus shower gel (such as Lush's Back for Breakfast or Happy Hippy) really maximizes the scent as well as the performance of this product.

lush ocean salt texture

This product is marketed for face and body, but I don't generally recommend it for face unless you prefer a very scrubby manual exfoliant. If you mix a bit with creamy cleanser, it is definitely nice effect, but Lush also does not recommend that those with sensitive skin use this on their face. My fiance has tried it on his face and had no adverse reactions to it, though he prefers to use this just on body. (I think I tried a little bit on my face once too, when I didn't have my normal cleanser in the shower, and my skin seemed just fine!)  

Now the reason I love this product is just how smooth it makes my skin look. I remember when I first tried this product, I scrubbed one leg with Ocean Salt and Happy Hippy, and my legs just looked GOOD. (Normally, they look a bit dry and sometimes scaly once spring hits!) 

So all in all, I'm a big fan of this body scrub and would definitely purchase this again once I run out! Have you tried Lush Ocean Salt? Do you have a favorite body scrub or routine to prepare for summer? I'd love to know! 

Ingredients information listed below. This product was provided by Lush for review and can be purchased at Lush retail stores and online. 

lush ocean salt ingredients