What I Wore, #10

Oy, what a week! I sort of fell off the face of the earth this week. Apparently if I don't feel well, the only thing I want to do is mope around! Anyway, I hardly managed any makeup this week, sadly. A bit of foundation and a little concealer was the best I could do!

koh gen do moisture foundation, fresh umbrian clay concealer
heart beauty magazine pre-launch image

Another interesting piece of news came into my inbox this week. Have you guys heard of Heart Beauty Magazine? The fall issue is due out soon, and features the makeup artistry of Rae Morris for the cover. (I've always wanted to get one of Rae Morris' makeup books - have any of you read them and recommend them? As much as I love blogs, I also have this obsession with beauty books!) Anyway! check out this exciting promo image from the magazine! I can't wait to see another magazine that is ALL about beauty - there's only so many times I can read an issue of Allure, right?  How was your week?? I feel like I missed everything in the online world this week, so fill me in! What makeup did  you wear this week? Any favorites??? Besides blogs, what magazines (and their beauty features!) do you love? Are you planning on checking out Heart Beauty? Do share! I want to chat! :)

Heart Beauty is currently providing subscriptions to bloggers who post about their upcoming magazine launch. I am a avid fan of magazines, and even more so of beauty-centric publications, so I am quite excited to see what's in store. If you all are interested, I'll be happy to post a review once the magazine launches - do let me know if this is something you'd like to see!