I ♡ Nails Inc Haymarket

You may have noticed that I don't talk about nails very often (only once, here), and there is definitely a reason for that: my skills at doing my own nails are pretty sub-par. Actually, pretty beyond sub-par - no joke. After the average manicure, I tend to have at least one already smudged nail, and depending on the brand of polish, usually a number of streaky ones too. Essie & OPI are pretty standard brands that work just fine for most people, but seriously, even those I tend to make streaky on a few fingers here and there.

Last week, I decided to put on Nails Inc Haymarket, a pretty green-blue, and I've been sporting it ever since. I've even gotten a number of compliments on the color at work - from both guys and gals! :)

nails inc haymarket review

Now I won't say that my manicure is without fault, cause I definitely missed an edge here and there, but I just love Nails Inc polish. Even a poor manicurist like me can apply this evenly, and with most shades, it can even look perfect in one coat. Heck, even my boyfriend can apply Nails Inc polish well, LOL!

In terms of wear, I've had great success with Nails Inc as well. Most polishes chip or at least have tip wear on me in 1-2 days (maybe 3 if I put on a base coat), while Nails Inc typically manages 3-4 days even without a basecoat!

I just love Nails Inc polish, it really is my favorite brand at the moment. The price, at least in the US, is very in line with Essie and OPI, and there are so many great shades and effects to choose from.

Have you tried anything from Nails Inc? Any tips and tricks for the at home manicure that work for you? Do share! :)