The Accessory: Star Earring Cuff

While you know quite a lot about my beauty obsessions, I've shared very little when it comes to my love of fashion. That obsession, I think, has been around for even longer than my love of beauty. (Gasp, what am I saying??) In the last few years, my obsessive need to buy clothing has died down (a bit) - I can happily say that all new purchases are well thought out. A new clothing purchase is the result of a lengthy search for something very specific that I envision. I've come to my senses and realized that I don't need another t-shirt or tank top, no matter how cute the color or how cheap it is - honestly, I have enough tank tops alone to last a month or two. Add in the t-shirts, and then the not so basic tops, and I'm good to go for the better part of a year...

So you might have guessed that have a pesky habit of collecting... Really, anything I enjoy I tend to collect it seems, whether or not I remember to use or wear them. (Sounds like a familiar pattern, eh?) Accessories are one of those things, for sure - earrings, rings, and pouches are particular favorites.

This leads me to introduce The Accessory - a regular series where I will show you something fun from my collection. Accessories of all kinds, yay! And perhaps a thought of what makeup to go with them! ;)


Tonight's pick is this star cuff earring that I found at H&M a few weeks ago. I'm wearing it as I blog from my bed, but I've had it on just about all week. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd throw on a bandage dress, some heels, and a smoky eye for a night out on the town. Now if only I could do something about that hair...!