TAG! ♡

A few days ago, Bellyhead tagged me and a handful of other ladies to answer 11 questions! Now I kind of fail in the tag department... Normally I'm so overwhelmed by who to tag, what questions to pose, etc etc, that I just give up. LOL. But her questions were too fun not to answer, and feel free to answer any or all of the questions for yourself in the comments! I'd love to know... so maybe I'm just tagging all of you! Hehe. TAG, YOU'RE IT!

What is your dream job? Brand management for a luxury fashion or beauty brand. Or to be able to live off my blog & other related beauty ventures. :)

Are you a baker or a cook? Neither! I'm an eater! But if I had to be one, I would be a cook. I'm not much into sweets, actually.

On your beauty journey, have you noticed any changes in your preferences in any way? For a while, I was completely not into blush, but now I'm back. I also used to LOVE a smoky eye and every owned just about every pretty color of eyeliner imaginable. Also, I seemed to have many glittery glosses. YSL Golden Gloss, Chanel Glossimer, and MUFE Lab Shines were favorites. Now colorful smokey eyes and sparkly lips don't really fit into my life anymore.

In your refrigerator, what is always in there? PICKLES! (of all kinds really, regular ones, asian ones, everything!) Nice salamis. Cheese. Edamame. Vegetables. Beverages of all kinds for my boyfriend. LOL.

You crave for sweets or savory and what was your last intense craving? Always crave savory. See previous question for usual cravings. And sushi. That is generally an intense craving I can't get away from for weeks or months at a time. Sometimes there is moaning if I haven't had sushi in a while.

Last gift you gave? I'm mailing a gift to my best friend for her birthday, but aside from that the last gift was probably Christmas. I love Christmas lol. Gave my boyfriend smoked salt, a bento cookbook, and some intensely warm socks! Lame, I know, but he doesn't like stuff. (Also, WHO DOESN'T LIKE STUFF??)

Last gift received? My sweet boyfriend bought me just about the ENTIRE WORLD for christmas. Well ok, not really, but he did get me an ALEXANDER WANG Wallet/wristlet thing, a hot pink sparkly iPhone case, some Madewell sweaters, studded leather gloves, and a whole pile of other things.

What is your current beauty item that is welling up into an uncontrollable urge? I don't know. I feel like beauty IS just an uncontrollable urge. LOL

At what age have you gotten your first white hair? I was 18! and I still have that one and another that just keep growing in white! and sometimes that first one looks more straw blond. And it is very beachy in texture too, which si strange since I have very fine straight hair.

What is the last horror movie you've watched? No clue. I feel like I just watch TV and then happy movies. Like Harry Potter. Or Ponyo. Or my Pixar favorites, Cars (both of them!) and Finding Nemo. There are never any good scary movies anymore. I'd love to see a real scary thriller like The Shining, but translated to our time. And I can't watch dramas because lately I've been freaked out about depressing/serious things. So Pixar, movies made from Science Fiction/Fantasy books, and bad action movies are where I'm at right now. LOL.

What is a holy grail beauty product that you've discovered? Man, that is an impossible question. I don't even know where to begin! I'm not good at picking favorites, I can hardly pick a favorite color or favorite food, and an HG beauty item is even more epic than that. LOL.