Cuddle Up with Lush Schnuggle

Earlier on in the winter, I received the Lush Schnuggle lotion bar, and I was SUPER excited to try it. At first, I wasn't really sure what to expect! Would it be like a Lush massage bar, or would it be entirely different?! Perhaps I should have read the description online, as Lush describes it perfectly on their website:

When you get out of your night-time bath or shower, massage this moisturizing cocoa butter bar into your skin. The absorbent powders in Schnuggle make your skin feel soft and not the slightest bit oily, as though you've been sprinkled with skin-smoothing fairy dust. It's lovely right before bed because it moisturizes skin but you're saved the worry about ruining the sheets! The dreamy, soporific fragrance of lavender, chamomile, ginger and sandalwood (similar to our Dreamtime Luxury Bath Melt) will send you off peacefully into the land of nod.

lush schnuggle lotion bar review

It turns out that this lotion bar is a much more solid texture than the massage bars are, and it also doesn't create that nice massage oil feeling. (On the bright side, if you aren't a fan of the oils in the massage bar, this is perfect!) Meant to be a solid version of Dream Cream, this is a great way to moisturize without grease or oil. YAY! For me, this is perfect, as I don't have time to wait for oils or sometimes even lotion to soak in before throwing on some jeans, and let me tell you how hard it is to put on tight skinny jeans when you've just piled on lotion...!

Since the Schnuggle bar didn't have an oily feel to it, I was initially skeptical that it would provide enough moisture. After testing it for a handful of days, however, I've determined that it really works! No itchy, scaly legs for me! (Plus I like that added time it saves me from waiting for lotion to soak in!)

lush schnuggle lotion bar ingredients

Here are the ingredients if you are interested. :)

What do you think of Lush Schnuggle?? Have you tried this or any other lotion bars before?? :)

This product was provided for review. As always, all opinions are mine and 100% honest!