Blush Fiends: The Blush That Started It All

by Joyce in

Sometime in December, a few of us got into a massive Twitter conversation around our never ending blush collections, and Blush Fiends was born! Over much discussion, we decided to share the blush that started our blush collecting habits!

The first blush that I remember was from Lancome. I was SO EXCITED  that my mom was purchasing it for me. I think it was for Homecoming or Prom or something, and she also got me the Star Bronzer in brush form, which I seriously loved forever. In any event, that first blush was Lancome Blush Subtil in Miel Glace, a gorgeous and subtle shade that seems to work for so many skin tones.

I periodically think about buying a Lancome Blush Subtil again. Perhaps it is just the happy memory of that first luxury blush that was oh so pretty, or perhaps it is just my subconscious remembering that it was my first foray into blushes!

A few years later, when I managed to lose all concept of money in college, the Chanel seasonal collections sucked me in. Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Petale was one of those early purchases, and it started off a long obsession with Chanel, then Nars, and now Burberry blush, as well as a never ending obsession with bronzer!

I no longer use Chanel Rose Petale, but it is still a pretty shade that I keep in the bottom of my drawer. Why?? I can't explain. Perhaps it is sentimental, or perhaps because it is broken and I'm too scared it will break more or make a mess! I can't even clean it up because a) I can't bear to waste bits of it and b) it will just make more messes. UGH.

 chanel joues contraste rose petale

But see how pretty it is?? Also, SAD!

So there you have it - the blush that started it all, AND the blush that started a never ending blush and bronzer buying spree. :) What was your first blush? Are you blush obsessed too? I'd love to know! 

Do check out the blush that started it all for some of the other Blush Fiend ladies. We are missing a few lovely ladies - Liz, LynParis, Tracy, and Xiao, we miss you! We do hope that should they free up, they will join us for the next installment! Anyways, have fun diving into the early stages of our blush collections!

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