2013 Spending Limits

by Joyce in

I have some pretty lofty goals when it comes to spending in 2013. I'm scared... But, it will all be worth it, as my boyfriend and I have a lot of saving up to do...

No lipstick or eyeshadow. Can I put qualifiers on this and say that Burberry is allowed? Lol, well, maybe. In any event, I would love if I could use up at least one of each product category in 2013, though I'm doubtful!

No nail polish, but now that I'm thinking about it, I want to try Deborah Lippmann & new all the new drugstore gel polish options. Groan.

No fragrance, unless I can get through all the samples I have. This sounds hard... $25 monthly budget until at least March or possibly my birthday in June. I've managed it in 2012 with limited success, so who knows! Like before, I am allowed to grab from other budget areas. I already know that the Barney's Beauty Event in February will tempt me, but maybe I can wait till September...?!

Use skincare deluxe samples before buying more skincare. This is a scary thought, but I really need to minimize my stash of sample products. I probably have a year's worth of cleansers! I want to make a good effort at finishing them, and may need to take a page out of Liz's book and count my empties! :)

I just need to constantly remind myself of why I'm saving, and plan my purchases even more carefully than ever. Maybe even put a reminder post it on my credit card lol!

What do you think of my spending limits for 2013? Have you banned yourself from anything? Do you have tips to share? :)