♥ Lush Santa's Lip Scrub

My lips are always in a sad state - perpetually dry and peeling - and I hate to admit that I have a horrible habit of picking off the flaky bits. (I know. Ew.) Lip scrubs definitely help keep my fingers from peeling, and I think I've found my new favorite. 

lush santa's lip scrub review, lush christmas 2013 

This cola and cherry flavored lip scrub works wonders to exfoliate my dry lips. I love the flavor, and the adorable little hearts inside the product just are so cheery. 

lush santa's lip scrub review, lush holiday 2013 collection

Coming in at $8.95 for .8oz, this edible lip scrub is a total win in my book. I've tried Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub, which is $22.50 for .6oz, and is not edible and also has a bit of an oily base. I also want to try Sara Happ's lip scrub, but I'll save that for later. :) All in all, I think Lush Santa's Lip Scrub is something that I will stock up on!

Santa's Lip Scrub is also available inside the Christmas Kisses gift set, which includes the Santa Baby Lip Balm and Toothy Tabs. What do you think of Santa's Lip Scrub? Is this something that you'll be picking up? I'd love to know