I'm Falling For Jouer Mineral Bronzer in Suntan ♥

You know I'm a bronzer fanatic, and I am seriously loving this Jouer bronzer right now. It has definitely made it into my top 5!

jouer cosmetics mineral powder bronzer in suntan review

Formulated with Japanese Green Tea Powder and Vitamins C&E, this oil-free and paraben free bronzer sounds to me like just the perfect product for a skin conscious bronzer enthusiast!  

I love the sleek rectangular packaging of this bronzer as well, and if you see the little notches on the side, this allows you to connect any Jouer compacts together for a quick travel kit! I love that, and it is a super easy way to keep a few must have products together in your purse or travel bag.

jouer mineral powder bronzer suntan swatch

This powder is SO finely milled, which I really love in a bronzer. I also love the matte honey shade that suits my skintone perfectly! Using my trusty Trish McEvoy blush brush, I can give myself some targeted color along my cheekbones that provides a really nice, natural contour. With a fluffier brush, I get the effect of a healthy and tan glow. Check out the swatch below! This lasts on me all day (9+ hours) with little to no fading, but I tend to rest my hands on my face and whatnot throughout the day. (I know, it is terribly germy sounding, don't scold me! :)) I think this bronzer is a must have for anyone that is new to makeup or hesitant about trying bronzer, and at $28 a pop, it is relatively affordable in comparison to higher end options like Guerlain.

I've completely fallen for this bronzer, and am loving the other items I'm playing with from Jouer. I can't wait to show you gorgeous cream eyeshadows, tints, and highlighters! What do you think of Jouer Mineral Powder Bronzer in Suntan? Will you be giving this or any other product from Jouer a try? :)

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