Brighten Your Bath with Lush Party Popper!

I didn't want to use this pretty pink and blue bath bomb, as it was far too pretty and smelled amazing... Last night, I finally bit the bullet and threw it in the bath! bergamot, tangerine, rose This bath bomb colors the bath a deeper shade of pink, and smells SO good. Bergamot, tangerine, and rose, make this a really nice citrus floral. I seriously love it. To me, it also sort of smells like Pez candy, but a million times better! HAHA!

lush party popper bath bomb

As the bath fizzes, honeydew scented paper soap flakes emerge - I forgot this was going to happen at first, so I was pretty excited when it happened. You can grab the soap flakes and use them, but I just let them float around in the water until they dissolved.

I seriously love this scent, and it nicely (and lightly!) scented me and the bathroom. It was a great, relaxing bath that I didn't want to drain! Also, this scent is more delicate than some of their others, and in my top 3 Lush scents along with Calacas/Fun and the Enchanter bath bomb! :)

lush party popper ingredients

In case you're curious, here are the ingredients. :) I love this, and I NEED to pick up another one before the holiday collection disappears from stores! What do you think about this bath bomb? Will you be grabbing this or something else from the Lush holiday collection? :)

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