My HG Mascara Formula

by Joyce in

favorite mascara combo!

These two products are absolutely my FAVORITE mascara combination for defined, lengthy lashes.

But, I can't always be spending $56 on a mascara combination, and am happy to report that Diorshow Maximizer + Maybelline mascara (currently Falsies Flared) is also a dream. One day I texted a shot of this summer combo to my best friend, and she was impressed.  I've even seen success with my own eyes, and not just on me!  A super long lashed coworker has super HUGE defined lashes with Diorshow Maximizer + regular Diorshow mascara. The first day I saw it I was seriously shocked! (And she previously used Diorshow too!)

Here is a shot of 1 light coat of Diorshow Maximizer  +  1 coat of Maybelline Falsies Flared. I apologize in advance for my droopy Asian lashes and the weird shadows of my hair around my eyes lol. Oh, also it would help if I did't always forget to curl my eyelashes... and opened my eyes more in photos outside... and was not inept at applying mascara in general... But seriously,  can you imagine this at 2 or 3 coats with some curling? Crazy.


If anything, you have to buy Diorshow Maximizer.  It's unlike any mascara primer I've ever tried. There is little to no white that is applied to the lashes, which I love.  Only real downside I see is that each tube I have had seems to lose a bit of its oomph after 2-3 months. I wouldn't say it expires in that time, just that when I first open it and apply it to bare lashes, there is an immediate effect and that wow factor is just less so at the 2-3 month mark. IT. IS. AMAZING.

Have you tried this primer? If you haven't, you need to go and try it now and let me know how it goes!