His & Hers: Lush Demon in the Dark Soap

I am sorry that I am SO slow at posting. I have so many products to share with all of you, but I have just been SO tired. Can't explain it! Sentences are hard. AND I even fell asleep at 8pm last night. GEEZ! Before sharing our "His & Hers" impressions on this soap, I just have to say that I MUST try every Lush soap in existence. They are so fun to look at & smell so great! That just makes me happy! :) (I think I'm going to think about what this soap looks like to me the entire time I use it, LOL! Is it space? Is it a murky ocean? I can't decide!)

lush demon in the dark soap


Aroma: A rich spearmint/peppermint scent with undertones of apple. I am used to very fruity and sweet body washes so this a pleasant change for me. The aroma leaves your skin and senses stimulated. Also, I think most would consider this a gender neutral scent.

Use: First thing I’d like to mention is that you should remove the wax shell before first use, unless getting really sticky in the shower is your idea of a fun day. That aside, I rarely use soap bars. The only time I have used soap bars is when I’m at a hotel with nothing else to use, or when I was much younger and soap bars were pretty much the norm. This was a great way to be reintroduced into the wonderful world of soap bars. The bar lathered nicely, and the aroma intensifies during lathering. After the shower my skin felt great, very clean and invigorated feeling. Final Verdict: I really enjoyed this product, and honestly, I wasn’t expecting to like any kind of bar soap. This soap is absolutely perfect for morning showers. It is very quick to use compared to shower gel and loofah, which is a bonus for a lazy morning person like myself. That minty scent is definitely a spark to the senses. After using this Lush bar soap and Lush shower jelly, it is apparent I’ll be using Lush soaps for a long time to come! In my opinion, switching between the two based on my mood is a lovely way to shower.


Aroma: I love this minty scent! I was surprised by it, since I love mint but usually want to use citrus-y scents in the shower. Something about it brings back childhood memories, but I can't put my finger on what it is! (Perhaps some delicious childhood candy? Fancy kid's toothpaste? I have no idea!) In any event, I love it, and it smells refreshing.

Use: I'm glad the boyfriend cut off the wax, as per the instructions on Lush's website. I just imagine myself completely screwing that up somehow - I am quite clumsy sometimes, for no apparent reason. Also, I am terrible at cutting things in general, including my own food, haha! While the soap doesn't lather and create giant bubbles like some shower gels, this still makes me feel super clean. I had a few particularly hot/grimy feeling days, and using this made me feel infinitely better. I felt clean, and you know how hard that can be when you've been outdoors in hot weather and feel dirty! I also am loving this for mornings - it wakes me up and is quick to use, which is super important in my half asleep showers!

Final Verdict: This looks and feels cool, which is a definite win in all this summer weather! (Plus it is so visually interesting!) I really enjoy how easy it is to use & how it makes me feel overall. We would definitely repurchase this and other soaps too!

I also wanted to included a size comparison shot with a quarter, so we can report back how long the soap lasts for us. I am always curious, so since I thought I'd keep track for myself, I ought to share that information with you too! :)

lush demon in the dark soap size

This product was sent to me for review.