Nordstrom Beauty Bash 2012

I love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and the beauty exclusives that come out each year. (Who doesn't, right?) I've gotten some pretty great GWP's too in previous years. As you know, my beauty wishlist is somewhat lengthy, so I was hoping that the sale would be a great opportunity to pick up a few of the items with a few extra perks. After some careful consideration, I decided that my one must-have item was a Tom Ford lipstick I had been lusting after for a while. (Can you believe I narrowed it down to one thing??) Yesterday morning, I attended a Beauty Bash that had a free gift for the first 300 shoppers. Here's what I got!

nordstrom samples

Much like a beauty trend show, this event had a DJ, breakfast items, as well as promotions for current trends and giveaways. Being that it was 7am and I was half asleep, I avoided most of this activity. I high-tailed it to the Tom Ford lipsticks, chose the shade I wanted and purchased it right away. I browsed a few counters in peace, then ran out of there to get to work at 8am.

I later realized that I forgot to check most of the counters for the fall collections... WHOOPSIES!  Here's a quick shot of the lipstick I purchased!!

tom ford violet fatale

Have you guys picked up anything from the Anniversary Sale? What are your must-haves from the list of exclusives? Have you tried any of these samples or the lipstick? I'd love to hear! :)