Cool Off with Lush This Summer!

I've always been a fan of Lush Cosmetics - the stores have always been fun places to go to, and I love the luxury of bath bombs during cold winters. (The Avobomb is my favorite!) To my surprise, Lush emailed me a few weeks ago and I was SO beyond excited to sample more of the product line. This email from Lush also introduced me to the novel idea of putting Lush's shower jelly and toner into the fridge! I suppose I could have thought of this myself... but I totally didn't, and it sounded like just the PERFECT thing for summer.

(I have to admit, I spent that whole day at work wanting to tell everyone to put their Lush toners and shower jelly in the fridge, which would not have been relevant to a bunch of guys and girls who wear little to no makeup. I must've told my boyfriend at least 10 times via text - and more in person - how cool of an idea I thought that was! Boy, am I glad he finds my obsessions funny.) 

Fortunately for me, my work trip here in California was extended... but unfortunately for me, that also meant that I had to wait for my package, and I bugged my mother repeatedly to check my mail and forward the package to me. The package arrived last night - thank goodness, since I was just beginning to think the package got lost!

Anyways, here's a preview of what I received. I promise that reviews are coming soon! Have you tried these Lush products, or better yet, PUT THEM IN THE FRIDGE???


Products in this post were provided for review.