Makeup I Brought With Me...!

I was finally able to get both videos together to show you guys all of the products that I've brought with me. (Some of you may know that I came out to California at the end of May for work for 5 weeks) I feel the need to warn you - the thought process behind choosing products to bring this time around was not to be efficient or minimal. I packed all of the products I thought I'd use or want to show on the blog, as well as ones I thought just didn't deserve to be left at home! (LOL) I think the thought of being gone for a month+ made me think that I wanted everything to be as much like home as possible...! Now that the trip has been extended till late July, I'm glad I decided on things this way!

SO, here are the two videos. I broke them up into two because I was a) concerned about uploading with the terrible hotel internet and b) afraid that my camera battery would run out before it was mailed to me from home!

The first one contains some of the carry-on type products, a few nail polishes, and cheek & lip products. The second video mostly features brushes and eye products. I feel overwhelmed by the idea of listing all the products at the moment, so please ask if you have questions.

Hope you like them! Please let me know what you think! :)