Review: Nars Tinted Moisturizer

I thought I'd post another video to give you guys a look at the new Nars Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30. I really enjoy this product, and think that it is a great purchase. Cafe Makeup mentioned that she's noticed an improvement in her skin after using this for the last month. I haven't used this enough to see that change, but it does wonders to cover redness that I've been getting. I will definitely update you guys if I find that it improves my skintone! This video is only with one light layer, but it is quite buildable and can provide more coverage.

If I could apply this as well as the Nars artist did, then it would be gorgeous! :) Gotta get me a nice stippling brush... or maybe just more patience for application? (lol)

To summarize:

  • Light citrus scent.
  • Very long wearing (12+ hours, and even overnight once or twice!)
  • Easy to blend and apply.
  • Also very buildable! (Sorry I forgot to mention this in the video!)
  • No sticky or tacky feeling like other products.
  • May need light powder or blotting if you have very oily skin. However, the dewiness is quite nice so I wouldn't cover it up. Also I've applied this on my face after a whole day, so I am a bit oily in the T-zone here.
  • At $42 for 1.9 oz, that is a pretty good value - many foundations are only about 1 oz and some are over $50!

Hope that helps! What do you think?