Makeup Minis, #1

In lieu of posting about what I wore this past week (aka nothing), I thought I would share with you a little something that has been on my mind when it comes to makeup.

I spend a lot of time thinking about my makeup collection and how I'll probably have grandkids before I make a dent in most of it. I fear for my makeup, as I once told Liz over at Beauty Reductionista. Ok, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but it is mostly true. I have no memory of EVER finishing a makeup product in my life. Maybe a lipgloss or eyeliner in my middle school or high school years - that seems to be a vague possibility - or even that first nice blush I had if only for the fact that I don't know where it is now so logically I must have used it up… 


In any event, while gathering all my goodies for the October Sampler, I realized just how many makeup minis I had in my stash. Mini primer? Mini cream blush? Mini lipgloss? Check, check, and check! I think I have a normal person's entire makeup collection in minis. (Ha! That thought scares me a bit.) I don't even want to consider how long I've had some of these things. Mini Chanel Glossimers from a holiday gift set in 2007/8? I know I lost half of them before I even made a dent in them. And seriously, the picture above is only what I have with me - there's a lot more at home where that came from.


Anyway, I'm not despairing, (yet). The thing about makeup minis is that it seems entirely possible to use them up, even for a lazy makeup wearer like me. I have hope, and so I selected a small portion of my makeup minis shown above and committed myself to finishing them. Maybe when I finish some of these, I can feel encouraged to use up something full size. :) 

How do you feel about your makeup collection? Is the thought of never finishing anything and letting all those pretties go to waste taking over your brain too? Do you have makeup minis to use up too? :) I'd love to know what you think, and any tips, tricks, or words of sympathy are greatly appreciated!