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I’ve always loved makeup but my beauty obsession really started at the Chanel counter one summer as a poor college student obsessed with luxury. The love affair blossomed into an (un)healthy obsession with every seasonal release from Chanel and then Nars. 

While the brands I love have changed over the years, the underlying behaviors have always been the same. I was alone with my burgeoning collection, and it was in late 2011 that bronzer bunny was born. I needed someone - anyone - to share my beauty thoughts with, and I needed that reminder to show every product in my stash some love. 

I can't say a whole lot has changed in those years aside from much more responsible spending habits, but I'm glad to have a space to share my beauty adventures. I hope you enjoy my makeup journey as much as I think I will, and hopefully we will all discover some new products along the way!